Sunday, April 9, 2023

Como la flor

New girl crush alert! Lately I have been sooo obsessed with Maria Segarra (@mariasegarr on Instagram) from Sevilla. Her style in my new daily inspo, I am also thinking of going back to my natural hair and looking more like myself - I am half Spanish after all - I think I am so saturated with the blonde and I don't feel like it matches my personality anymore. Hello cancer rising, love to change my looks!

Speaking of changing looks, the trend is back to modest. Long and covered is the new sexy - well from my observation and I just personally just don't feel comfortable showing too much skin but maybe that's just the mid thirties showing up lol.  I love that long dress look so much more now. Give me all the linen, maxi dress, flat sandals, long luscious hair and minimal makeup. 




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