Sunday, August 10, 2014

On my nails ⎪Eugène Malibu

Hi girls, just a little post of some cute nail polishes  I have received a while ago from The Monthly Nails. They sent me 2 nail polishes from the brand Eugene Malibu which I have never heard of before. The packaging is very much up my alley, very etsy-looking. I'm not very fond of sparkly nail polishes anymore but from time to time I still like to get super sassy with my nail polish and go sparkly! My favorite one of the bunch is the purple one. On top of white nail polish is look super cool, isn't it? The other one tends to go super orange which looks super awful on my nails for some reason. You know those colors that doesn't look good on you....ever. Yeah, that! 

You can get them here at The Monthly Nail website. 


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