Saturday, September 13, 2014

Instalife #30

Hi girls! Oh my god, I haven't blogged in ten days? What? We're already mid-september? 

I have a wedding a need to attend tonight so I'll be showing you my makeup and outfit. I had an outfit ordered at Asos and I never arrived. Long story short, the first parcel got 'lost' and the second one - fast shipping - was supposed to arrive yesterday but...will not arrive until monday or tuesday. LOL. Great, thanks Asos, it's always a pleasure!

Anyways, I had a last minute wedding dress emergency so yesterday after work I had to pick a dress and there was absolutely nothing I liked. The only -ok- dress I have found was at H&M. I hope it will look good! I also went to the hair dresser and got my hair color fixed. I was in a serious need of a blonde fix. Now I'm more of a dark blonde, I love the color it's perfect for fall! 

I need to start getting ready as the wedding is really far away from where I live. I can't wait though, I LOVE wedding!!!

Have a lovely day,


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Unknown said...

Ne t'en fais pas mon chou ! Je suis sûre que tu seras sublime comme d'habitude =) Tout en élégance et très classe ! Faut bannir Asos hihi =p Hâte de voir ta tenue et ta nouvelle couleur <3

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