Sunday, December 28, 2014

Lorac Pro Palette

Hi girls! I hope you're all doing good, probably getting ready for the last days of 2014 and making your resolutions list for next year? right? Haha. I'm not planning on any resolutions, just get my driving license and work hard to be where I want to be in life! CHEESY! Haha
Today was the first snow in Belgium, I was so pretty and clean. The roads weren't that bad so I went for an hour drive to practice my driving skills and it was so cool. I feel much more relaxed - but still very alerted - and really enjoyed the drive! 

Seeing all the Instagram post I can see that many people have been rotten spoiled for Christmas. The amount of presents under the trees were just insane! I got spoiled too by Santa with this beautiful Lorac Pro Palette. It's the most perfect nude, day to day, eyeshadow palette. I got a little bored with my Naked palettes so I'm thankful that Santa read my wish list haha! 

I love how pigmented the colors are, the warm shades, the matte and the shimmers separation, the sleek packaging...everything is on point! I know that this palette isn't hot news but I think it's amazing!!! Thank you Santa!



Holly said...

Ooh I love, I'm so jealous! There are some really pretty colours there, I especially like the look of champagne.

Holly | holly la beau


Its a beautiful palette! love it :)


Its a beautiful palette, love it!

Unknown said...

This palette look beautiful, I hope you had a great Christmas x

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