Sunday, February 17, 2019

Homemade tortilla chips & guac

It's snack time....again. Ugh, I just love my snacks but as I am trying to watch my carbs intake I had to find a alternative to eating tortilla chips guilt-free, you got to get creative... One of my favourite thing to snack on is guacamole. I like mine with green tabasco and shallots. I could eat it every single day but the tortilla chips aren't the best if you are trying to watch your carb intake (especially as these are just a snack, I would prefer to save my carbs for a nice lunch or dinner). I always buy these tortilla wraps from Sainsburys or Ocado and they are absolutely delicious. Each wrap contains 4,2 total carbs which is very good considering a regular tortilla chip bag can go up to 55 carbs.

They are also so easy to make: you just slice your tortilla in tortilla shape size, add a little bit of coconut oil on top and put them in the oven for 10 minutes. You want them crispy not burnt so watch your timer. Add a pinch of salt and you're good to go. Such a delicious alternative and will satisfy your craving. 



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