Monday, December 23, 2013

NYX⎥ Setting spray

I love setting sprays. I always secretly hope that they will give me that long lasting finish that I'm looking for. My skin is like a sponge, it soaks the makeup in no time. By the middle of the day, I always look so fade (all my blush is gone pretty much). So I always use a setting spray, hoping that it will retard the fading process. One of my favourite setting spray is the Make Up For Ever one. I rave about it, it's so much better than the MAC one but it's a bit pricey (around 24 euros if I remember well). So when I saw this NYX setting spray while I was on a shopping spree in France I just couldn't resist. It was around 7 euros (super cheap!) and it claims setting makeup AND giving a dewy finish = match made in heaven. After using it for about a good month now, what I can tell you about this setting spray is that it definitely helps in the lasting department but it gives no dewy finish whatsoever. The Make Uf For Ever one does more in the glowy department! It's a good setting spray but it didn't blow my socks off to be honest. I really want to try the Skindinavia one next. Have you ever tried it before?



Tiff said...

I really love this product!!!

My BeautyScope said...

Je n'ai jamais testé aucun spray de ce type mais tu me tentes ^^

Unknown said...

Hi Marilou...the only setting spray that I tried so far was the Beauty Elixir from's fabulous; but I'm keen on trying the one from Make Up For Ever, I put it on my shopping list already :) Thank you for your posts and beautiful photos!!!

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