Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013 favourites ♥

It's time for my 2013 favourites! I'm gonna skip my December favourites just because they're very much similar to those so... Let's start! This year has been full of discoveries makeup wise. I have discovered new brands (The Balm, Une..) but fallen in love all over again with others (yes I'm looking right at you Bourjois!). I have also learn/grow a LOT about how to apply makeup, what works best for my skin type and so on (Thanks Youtube!)

My two favourite brushes this year are without the shadow of a doubt my Ecotools Doomed bronzer - my new one and only to apply any bronzer and make it look flawless - and the Real Techniques Expert Face brush - also known as the most effective brush to apply your foundation. Now that I'm using these, I'm wondering how did I even manage to survive before getting them? Go figure.

Mascara wise I have to mention my one and only : Une Volume By Night. Such a perfect mascara that has truly blown me away. One of the best I've had tried in years (and trust I've trust a few!) I'm usually more of a Maybelline/L'Oréal when it comes to mascara but Une really has step up its game with this little gem.

Next, is about my love for Bourjois. Bourjois...ah Bourjois. What A YEAR! Bourjois has released so many incredible this year to celebrate their 150 years and I'm even more in love with this brand than I was before. My top 3 favourite products this year were the 1 Seconde Miracle Nail Polish Remover - moisturizing while effectively removing nail polish with a genius system = dream coming true - then the Java Rice Powder which is a stunning translucide 'yet shimmery' finishing powder that leaves my skin smooth and healthy looking. And finally, my top foundation for this year, the Happy Light Foundation. I have already bought this little gem 3 three in less than 6 months just because it is the perfect foundation for my skin. Dewy without turning shiny and long lasting. 

This year has been a lipstick revelation for me. I've been buying tons of new lipsticks and experimenting with textures, dark and bright colors which is VERY new to me. I'm used to wearing nude lipstick every day but I wanted to spice things up = mission accomplished! My favorite range of lipstick this year have been Maybelline 14H Super Stay. I have 5 colours from the range and I just love their finish and lasting. It's only lipstick I would wear all day and night and not bring it with me on my purse for retouching it just because it is super long lasting and does not transfer. The color are vivd and the finish is matte yet moisturizing. What can I say...I love them!!

To conclude this post, I HAD to mention my holy grail skin savior products. They're both face masks with two different purposes. First is the Formula 10.0.6 Pores Be Gone mask to clarify and purify my skin. It's smell so delicious and is super effective! The second one is the Avène hydrating smoothing mask, the best moisturizing mask out there. I have the most dry, dehydrated skin out there and this product has literally saved my skin. It has become a staple product.

I'm super excited to discover this year what 2014 has to offer in terms of new makeup/beauty products! Aren't you?




Tiff said...

I love Avene products!!!!!!!!! Best wishes for this new year!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Avene is a good brand, will have to try some things from them!


Unknown said...

J'adore ton blog! vraiment sublime

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