Wednesday, January 29, 2014

New from Bourjois!

Yes! Bourjois has released, yet again, some new goodies to their never ending line. I was really excited to try the CC Cream and the mascara (Ok, this might be linked to the fact that I really enjoy the cute black and white packaging). To be brutally honest with you, I don't - I really never have - pay attention to the CC or BB labels.  As long as it's making my skin looks better, glowier, healthier...It's fine with me! The CC cream though is supposed to not only enhanced your skin's natural beauty but it also meant to treat and nourrish. I don't really know or haven't noticed anything about that part but on the enhancing part I have been really amazed! This CC Cream is - surprisedly - very covering, with quite a matte yet not powdery finish. I find it to be really great for those days when I need a little extra cover without that cakey finish.

The CC eye cream is also meant to cover under eyes dark circles but to nourrish your eye contour. It is definitely moisturizing and covering but not very long lasting much to my dismay. You really need to powder it up or it will crease! I really am not really fond of the plastic applicator which I found really hard to work it. I don't use it and apply it with my fingers to really blend it in correctly.

The new Dark Khôl mascara has - hands down - the cutest packaging I have ever seen on a mascara. it's really burlesque and 'Alice in Wonderland' inspired = right up my alley! The brush is quite surprising as it's not your usual mascara brush. It is made of two 'balls' (I honestly don't know how to describe these little things) on top of each others. It reminded me of that Givenchy mascara they had released back in the days which I used to LOVED.  I had high hopes for this little gem but unfortunately I really haven't been using it as much since I got just because it doesn't give me that 'wow' factor. It does not give me the volume and 'curl' effect I expect from mascaras. Too bad! 

Finally I also got a Liner Feutre in dark purple, which was so fun to try as I always wear deep black liner. I was expecting it to be a bit more on the 'purple' side but the final look was very subtle, you couldn't really tell if it was a soft black or a dark purple. It was SUPER long lasting though, almost though to remove which is always a great thing when it comes to eyeliners in my opinion!

Have you tried any of these new goodies from Bourjois? Which one would you love to try?


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Tiff said...

Oh le petit mascara me tente bien!!!!

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