Friday, February 14, 2014

Instagram favourites ♥

I'm an Instagram addict (like seriously addicted to the thing). 
It's my guilty pleasure whenever I have a few minutes to spare. Here's my favourite Instagrammers :)

Cath In The City is by far my favourite blogger of all time. She's from Norway and no other blogger has ever inspire me as much as she does. I love everything about her, she is the most gorgeous girl ever and her style is so unique and always on point! Her room looks like a dream room and she always travels to some really cool places (Miami lately, Japan this summer!) . She's also SUPER sweet and always respond to your comments! I'm a huge fan of her Insta, her pics are just as perfect as she is!

Chloe is french and is also one of my favourite person to follow on Instagram. Her style is super edgy and always really sexy yet she always keeps it so simple and basic. She is so stunning and I love how all her clothes come from affordable stores like Zara or Forever 21! Go follow her if you haven't already and need some great style inspiration/lesson.

The next girl I loooove following on Instagram is this gorgeous dutch blogger. 
She has a twin which is equally gorgeous and I really enjoy her style, she is so cute and looks like a really sweet girl too.

Next is my girl Lindsay from Belgium! I've always loved her blog and Instagram pictures, 
we have similar taste in terms of beauty, make up and gossiping and that's why we get along so great haha.This girl has the most beautiful eyelashes I have ever seen on anyone before, 
if that's not a good reason to follow her....I don't know what is!

Next on my favourite list is Julie from France. To keep it simple, I just love everything about her world.
She loves cute things, sparkly nails, TV shows, shopping hauls and semi-selfies. 
What's not to love about her?

Last is a dutch girl living in Vienna, Vicky. This girl is just such a natural beauty, I'm obsessed with her girly style and her gorgeous doll face. She always wears the cutest statement necklaces paired with some gorgeous basics pieces. 
Her skin is also to die for, always fresh and healthy looking. Major girl crush!





Mon Dieu, instagram... L'application sur laquelle je n'aurai jamais du m'inscrire, je suis ultra fan de ce bazar ^^ et les personnes mentionnées dans ton article je les suis aussi ^^ Je suis donc bien d'accord avec toi


Tiff said...

Je suis super fan de Cathinthecity, un style magnifique et elle est super belles!!

Anonymous said...

Hello Marilou
Ce post pour te dire que je te suis sur IG / Youtube... et je t'apprécie vraiment bcp, j'adore ton style et surtout ta personnalité !
Keep going !

Marilou said...

Hello :) merci ça me fait vraiment plaisir! ;-)

Marilou said...

elle est parfaite <3

Marilou said...

Haha! une vraie drogue! :)

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