Sunday, February 23, 2014

Instalife #22

Hi girlies! I've been such a bad blogger this month, I miss it so much but my work schedules have been a bit hectic hence the lack of posts. I promise next month I'll try my best to be BACK. I'm planning on buying a new camera too. It's so hard to chose, I'm thinking a Nikon D5100 or a Canon 600D.
If you have any recs, please do share! Don't forget to follow me on instagram as it's where I'm at most of my free time uploading pics ;-)

Today I'm going to pack my stuff as I'm heading to Liege for two weeks for a work training. I hate packing for long period of time, it's such a struggle as I hate planning what I'll be wearing as I don't know what my mood we'll be like next friday or if the weather is going to be horrible. Same makeup wise as some days I wake up and feel like wearing red lips, I'm so unpredictable!

I hope you all have a wonderful sunday! XO,MARILOU



Mademoiselle Lala said...

Good luck with work training! I get what you mean about packing - women are so unpredictable! You simply need to take all your make up ;) X

Charlotte said...

Sounds exciting with this work training ! Where are you gonna work ?
Hugs from Denmark.

Tiff said...

Superbes photos, je craque vraiment sur ce collier!!

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