Sunday, April 6, 2014

Instalife #24

I have had such a great week. The spring weather is definitely very much up my alley. Pastel nails, bright lips, cherry blossom trees everywhere, wearing open toes sandals and feeling the mild breeze when you're going out in the morning....Yeah, I can definitely get used to that! 

Easter is just around the corner so I have been eating a LOT of easter bunnies chocolate (I blame Milka) and I have gained weight so I'll try to go for a run - or two -  and exercise this week, the bikini bod is not so far away now! I dream of that Lucy Meck transformation, although she went from perfect to absolutely flawless, but still! I dream of having that curvy yet firm, with flat stomach and tiny waist body...But I love food too much so it's not that easy!

 I also got to play with my new baby, my Nikon D5100! I have been reading the manual thoroughly as I want to learn everything about it. My goal now is to learn how to do that whole depth-of-field that fashion bloggers do a lot when everything is blurred in the background except them! 

I hope you all had a wonderful week filled with pastel nails too! 



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