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My big hair routine

Since I've been watching #RHONJ , #TOWIE and #Jerseylicious, I have had an obsession with big hair. I have naturally thin and pretty much flat to slighty wavy on some parts hair so I need that extra va va voom. I wish I had voluminous hair naturally but I don't so I'm getting a little bit of help here and there. My routine has not been perfect, I'm still on the hunt for perfect long lasting big hair  but I'm getting there slowly. Here's my current big hair routine.

#1 S H A M P O O S 
 I find it sooo hard to find a good voluminous shampoo. They seem to work on my hair one day then some other days they just don't and my hair are getting even more flat. I think that using a voluminous shampoo works if you don't over use it. It's good from times to time to get you that extra va va voom in your hair but I wouldn't use it every day - well at least for me! I have been using the CHI Magnified Volume shampoo for a good two month now and although it was more on the pricey side, the tiniest amount of product works so I'll last for awhile. It's a good shampoo if you want to add some body to your hair but it's nothing extraordinary. I do love some the slightly banana scent and the fact that it is quite moisturizing.

The next shampoo is from Urtekram - a danish brand -  and I have purchase it over and over again because it is made from natural rhassoul - a marrocan clay that gets rid of the excess of oil naturally - and has pretty much no chemical products in it but mostly because it gives my hair A LOT of body and volume. The down side is that it doesn't hydrate my hair and leave them feeling pretty 'rough' but I personally don't mind the hair roughness - I much prefer the rough feeling that flat feeling! I also love the fact that my hair get oily less faster when I'm using this shampoo as it's made from natural components! It looks like pure mud when you apply it when it foams really well and leaves you with a minty smell - from mint essential oil -  in your hair which I love!

And last, my beloved Aussie Aussome Volume that I've been using for quite a while too now. I just love everything about this shampoo, it smells di-vi-ne and really give some extra volume to my hair. It's one of that shampoo that you shouldn't use on a daily basis though, it's good to use it once a week mixed with other shampoos the rest of the week to get that aussome volume feeling!

#2  L E A V E - I N   S P R A Y
The leave-in spray has to be my favourite part of the big hair routine. I love how a spray can give you that extra body in your hair without having any weird crispy feeling. You must use it before blow drying your hair and you should instantly feel that extra volume, especially at the roots!

I have been trying the Jäson Thin to Thick leave-in spray and I'm still in that trying to figure out if I love it or hate it. Some day I seem to love it and some other days I really don't like it that much. Today has been one of those love it moment, because it has given me that extra body I was looking for. It doesn't have any smell as it's also doesn't use harsch chemicals and perfume. Then, my favourite of them all, is the Aussome Volume leave-in spray. It's not a-mazing but it's ok, the thing that drag me into buying it over and over again is the smell. I just love that Aussie smell in my hair, it lasts all day and feels great.

#3 H A I R S P R A Y
Big hair, lots of hairspray! This has become a daily habit in my hair routine. I also add a little bit of hairspray just because it gives that extra body that I love. Finding a good hairspray is - believe it or not - such a difficult task. I don't my hairspray to smell like an old lady with cats - yes, I'm looking at your Elnett - neither do I want it to make my hair feel cripsy and looking absolutely disgusting. I have find the perfect hairspray, not too strong yet holding my curls or keeping the volume on! Kruidvat Shiny &Strong is my savior! Not only does it cost only 2,99€ - hooray - but it does its job perfectly! You can brush it off and it's less obvious that you're wearing hairspray but still make it look like you have body to your hair. Ah-mazing!

The second one, I also have a bit of a love/hate relationship with. Batiste XXL Volume does give some extra amazing va va voom volume and body to my roots but it leaves my hair feeling soooo weird. I only use it in case of extreme volume needed - clubbing, going for a night out, recording a Youtube video, date night etc - because it couldn't deal with that feeling all day long. The other Batiste dry shampoos don't have that cripsy horrible feeling but they're not as 'volumizing' as the XXL Volume one !

Share if you have any product recommendations for good jerseylicious hair!



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