Sunday, July 6, 2014


Happy sunday! Sorry for the lack of post, obviously my hectic work schedule has been in the way and I feel the weekend is going by super quickly I barely have the time to catch up with my favorite tv shows, take care of my skin, relax and my weekend is basically gone! I can't even take pictures in the morning to show you some make up of the day as I wake up super early and live the apartment in 40min watch in hand. The joy of working full time, right?

Anyway, here's are my favorite cream blusher I have been loving lately. I'm a huge cream blusher aficionado as I love that extra glow touch it gives to my makeup. My favorite are the ones from Topshop as they're really long lasting and the colors are simply beautiful! I also have been using my Mac Lady Blush a lot as you can see! I love Mac cream blushes as they're more on the natural looking color palette but I do regret the fact that they're range is quite small and doesn't change with the years, a bit boring! Finally, the Illamasqua one is the most gorgeous baby pink cream blusher ever. Unfortunately I think this one is discontinued but if you're looking for a super blowy cream blusher, Illamasqua has super a gorgeous range!



Kmille girly said...

I love cream blush !! I have never tried top shop cream blushes but I heard a lot of positive thing about them ! Should I order some ?! Maybe ^^

Emma said...

Topshop cream blushes are holy grail for me :)


lydia_xo said...

I love mac creme blushes! Something special is my fave x

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