Sunday, July 13, 2014

Disappointing products #5

Nothing like a negative post on a rainy monday morning, right? Haha I'm not into complaining posts but from time to time you must set the record straight and tell how you really feel about some products although it might be a little be harsh.

The first product that has let me down is the Bioderma Hydrabio Brume. I bought this with high hopes to find a good refreshing soothing water for summer, to apply on my skin in the morning or after taking up my makeup to sooth my skin. Unfortunately this product is making my skin feeling even drier and itchier than it normally is. Won't recommend this unless you have a very oily skin.

The next product on the disappointing list is the Baby Foot Exfoliant Foot Peel. I tried this a good 3 months ago, it was winter and my feet were in pretty bad shape. I was sent this to try as it's meant to peel you skin off all of the dead cells and leave your skin brand new, just like babies feet! It's such a weird process, you must put a cream all over your feet for an hour with a plastic sock that activates the product. After an hour, you just rinse the cream and wait for a week to see the results. One week after my feet started to peel like a snake losing its skin. It was plain gross and I was really shocked to see all the dead skin. The result was impressive as my feet were really smooth and looking brand new. I was so happy with the results until I started to feel that my feet were becoming overly sensitive. This product was so harsh on my poor feet it made them become super sensitive. I regret trying this product and I don't recommend you trying it. It's working but it's way too harsh for your skin!

Last on the list, the Freeman Feel Beautiful Facial Peel-Off Mask Cucumber. I usually love the Freeman masks range but this one is so awful. It's a peel off mask and it feels like glue on the skin. I don't see the point of peel off masks, my skin doesn't feel refreshed or cleaned after. Maybe it's just the peel off sensation that's not working for me though!

Which products have let you down recently?



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JC-Lynn said...

Je comptais justement acheter ce masque, mais je ne suis pas si sur. Par Contre là, j'utilise le chocolate&strawberry. Il est vraiment pas mal je trouve.

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