Sunday, October 5, 2014

10 reasons why you should watch The Hills

Hi girls! I have been binge watching The Hills all over again. Every year I re-watch all the seasons. This show makes me feel happy, gives me hope and makes me laugh. I'm obsessed. I'll never get tired of watching it. So why should you also watch it?

1. Because it makes you forget all about the fact that tomorrow is monday, 
your problems at work, the fact that you're not sure where you're going in life,  
and all that kind of stuff.

2. Because Lauren Conrad is a queen. A role model. 
An intelligent, beautiful, funny, inspiring savvy business mogul.

3. Because you realize that yes, friends are going to screw you over. 
Yes boys are stupid and make girls cry but in the end you'll get over.

4. Because when watching it, all you can think about is leaving your country 
and go live the american dream in an amazing apartment downtown LA with a fun roommate, working at a top fashion magazine and having to travelling to NY for  helping on fashion shows.

5. Because it reminds you that your career must be your first priority. Always. 
Lauren will always be know as the girl who never went to Paris. Remember that! 

6. Because even though the show is a few years old, 
Lauren Conrad still gives you some serious hair envy.

7. Because of queen LC's iconic pieces of advice throughout all seasons. 

8. Because Whitney is the colleague everyone dreams of having. 
Giving you life moto and listening to you for hours.

9. Because LC proves throughout the seasons that good friends do exist
and if you work hard, make smart decisions for yourself and be nice to people you can get what you want in life. 

10. Because after watching it you'll become obsessed with Lauren Conrad and everything she has achieved since then. Not to mention her fairy tale ending wedding, fashion line, books successes and many more.




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Unknown said...

Love this! Number 4 was always the one I wanted whenever I watched The Hills. x

House In Tillford said...

Haha I totally agree about four, she gave us a new dream. And I still follow her life via instagram to get my Hills hit

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