Saturday, October 4, 2014

Event ⎢Sisley Phyto Expert

Hi girls! Yes, this is real. It's happening : a post after a long two weeks of time off from the blogosphere. I don't even know what happened myself to be quite honest. Time just flew by so quickly since my birthday and we're already in October. Jeez! Time to buy some new coats and some wool scarves. Yay!

This week I went to a Sisley event in Brussels after a long day of work with Lindsay. It had been a long time since we saw each other so we had a lot to talk and gossip - oops - about haha.  We had so much fun discovering at Sisley's headquarters for the launch of their new Phyto Expert foundation. After a few hours of laughs and sipping on champagne we left with an even more amazing goodie bag. 

The foundation Phyto Teint Expert looks a-ma-zing and super luxurious, it's long lasting and is meant to enhances the surface of the skin to provide a smoother, healthier looking skin. It's oil free and also non-comedogenic which is super important in my opinion. I don't want no foundation messing with my pores. The most amazing part of this foundation is the weight less formula. I've had the opportunity to try it the other day and it feels so comfortable on the skin and stays all day. I'm super impressed so far. I'll do a proper review on this later as I need to experiment a little bit more with it.

Thank you Sisley for having us, it was lovely!


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Unknown said...

My boo ! I miss you :p <3

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