Tuesday, February 3, 2015

New in | Color Boost

Wow. Is that an actual post? I know, I know I have been on a blogging roll so far in 2015 haha. I feel so bad for not blogging yet at the same I had to take a step back and breathe. Life has been hectic with a lot of extra work hours, the sun coming down a 3PM, being cold as hell, feeling like a sloppy mess with nothing to wear...what january is all about. I think I need to consider buying artificial lighting for my room otherwise I only will be blogging for 6 months out of a year due to the terrible lack of sun we encounter over here.

Apart from that, I'm still the same girl loving lipstick and scrolling through Instagram most of the day with a Starbucks in the other hand. January has been the "wake up call" month diet wise. The pounds have been adding up since last year and I really don't feel comfortable with my weight at the moment so I have decided to break my habits and start exercising. That's a lot for me as I really not the athletic style. Crunches, cardio, squats and so on. I have not seen any result yet but apparently that's normal, you just need to persevere! Time to get that body ready for summer. 

This post was little bit of a comeback so I'm going to talk about my favorite thing in the whole - makeup - world : lipsticks! I have received the new Bourjois Color Boost shades and so far, I am obsessed. They're super creamy, comfortable to wear and moisturizing. It's not overly pigmented which is a good thing as they tend to transfer a lot! My favorite colors have been "Proudly Naked" and "Pinking of it". The third color "Sweet Macchiato" is lovely but really does not work at all for my skin tone. 

Have you tried them?

I hope you're all OK! lots of love!


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BanquetBeauty said...

They look lovely! I might have to try some! :) x

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