Wednesday, January 16, 2019

In my cart: warm & cosy

In true Virgo style : wishlists, after to do-lists, after other shopping lists and resolutions lists...and the list literally goes on and on..and on. I can't help it, I love to plan and prep. Although I barely even wear makeup anymore, my love for fashion never really faded. I personally always look to get inspo from others via either blogs or Instagram (or street watching for hours while sitting in a patio during summer time).

It's January so obvi, my priority is trying my best to look stylish while staying warm. I can't believe I once wore ballet shoes relentlessly for an entire winter at age 12 because I was convinced my legs looked fat if I wore boots. Lol. Not going to lie,  as much as I love to look cute and put together...I do end up going in full on gym wear to work some days as I just can't be bothered. The key to still looking cute if the latter the good hair/skin combo! If your hair and skin and look good you can basically pull off any look. Also, I personally try to avoid heels during day time at all costs just because 1. Where are you going hun?'s day time. and 2. Flat life is the best life. Comfort first. 

The only time I can do a day time heel is with a pair of boots with chunky heels only. I love these from H&M, the snakeskin print is on point. Perfect shade of brown and I really like that the heel is a bit different than normal. It adds that little….oomph.

That croc tote has been on my wish list for ages now, I wanted to get it when I was working in Harrods last year as I had the 40% staff discount (say whaaat?) but it was never in stock. I will be mine this year as I just need a tote bag to complete my little collection.

I just got that pile jacket (also from H&M) and I am OBSESSED. Although highly synthetic, it is warm and doesn't look too H&M-ish. In the perfume department, I am still very much in love with my Chanel Chance Eau Fraîche, but can't get my mind off the Balenciaga B. since my visit to Sephora last summer. It's not available everywhere in the UK but Debenhams and Harrods do carry it.

The most exciting item on this list HAS to be my Astro Planner, which I have pre-order.
The title of my blog might have given you a clue, I have been really into Astrology lately and the study of planet transits in general. I can not wait to get my sh*t together while analysing all the eclipses and different planet returns. Maybe I do find it quite reassuring when all goes South, to blame in on the Mercury Retrogade. Astro joke 101 - haha. 

XO, Marilou 


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