Thursday, January 24, 2019

In my cart: winter night out

"Winter night out" sounds like my worst nightmare but living in London you either deal with it and serve some cold weather looks or hermit your life away until late April. That is what happened to me last year, I literally disappeared and forgot about any social life until May. Yes, I am affected by the weather and so is my fashion. The key is to invest in some good winter staples that can be both worn day and NIGHT time. Thigh highs - with walkable heels - Oversized long coat - to throw over your shoulders for a date night - warm and cute tops -high necks are my favourites and last a good pair of faux leather pants. 

The Topshop heels included in my picks is Uber material only of course. But how gorgeous are they? I have ordered the polka dot skirt + high neck t-shirt from ZARA. The colour  of the skirt really makes this outfit interesting and a good change from the good ol' winter head to toe for a night out. I feel like personally if I have a really cute outfit, it does motivate me to go out more. If I doubt my outfit I WILL cancel our plans - my friends can attest this. 


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