Friday, January 11, 2013

My life on Instagram #7

My life via instagram this week : 

♥ Me with a stache. I look like Hercule Poirot big time. 
♥  I won "La galette des rois" QUEEN MARILOU!
♥  Remembering some good times with old friends :-)
♥  My "I love nail polish" babies have finally arrived. Can't wait to review them and show them to you guys!! Thank you Barbra for this little treat! 
♥  New year resolutions.
♥ H&M sandals. WANT, NEED. I hope I'll find them in stores.
♥ I have been indulging myself with my massive exam session....
♥ ....then feeling bad about it and eating yogurt and muesli. Then indulging again.
♥  My new zara bag!



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Crystalnextdoor said...

Those sandals are perfect! Cute post :)

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