Monday, January 21, 2013

My week on Instagram #8

My life this week 

♥I have finished my two long ass weeks of exams and I am SO HAPPY with it. It was so hard to keep up and study every day, I had so much stress and so little sleep I need a serious pampering session to recover from those two weeks.
♥It has been snowing like mad and the snow ain't going nowhere apparently! 
♥I have found the perfect make up storage and I'll post about it soon
♥Madame Princesse 
♥I went to the french border with my boyfriend to do some french shopping (back 2 mac and french skincare but also some basics like zara etc.) and we ate at Pizza Pai which is the equivalent of the belgian Pizza Hut basically. Delish!
♥French skincare heaveeeeeen! I love that in France every skin care product is WAY much cheaper than in Belgium so I love to go there and stock up on my favourite things :)
♥One of the new product I have bought is the Bioderma Sébium washing gel, I can't wait to try it!
♥New YSL Rouge Volupté lippie :) Gorgeousness alert
♥I am obsessing with the song "Gone with the wind fabulous" from Kenya Moore #RHOA
This is my favourite tv show and this has also been my motivational song for my exams. Twirl twirl twirl twirl. I know it's silly but it's damn catchy! 



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KatXoXo said...

That pizza looks amazing!! & that princess book is so darn cute!!

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