Wednesday, September 4, 2013

CHANEL nail polishes

From left to right : Rouge Noir // Lotus Rouge // Rose Exubérant // Orange Fizz // Magnolia Rose

Home is where your Chanel nail polishes are. I should create this quote if it's not already done! I have a thing for everything Chanel. There is just something very elegant and timeless about this brand. Every girl shoud have a little Chanel of her own. Today I met a girl who had the Chanel Jumbo 2.2 bag (the same one a LC). I was overwhelmed and of course asked if I could try it. It looked so beautiful, I was even more in love with it than I was before. This is definitely my number one item in my pricey must-have before I die wish-list! Until that day, I comfort myself with some Chanel make-up. Here's my top 5 favorite nail polishes. My ultimate favourite is Rose Exubérant. I have been wearing it non-stop since I got it. It's THE ultimate girly color and looks absolutely perfect once applied. 

What is your favourite Chanel item? :)




Mademoiselle Lala said...

Great collection and I am also drawn to pink - obviously! :) X

Honeylushy said...

I love how you asked to try her chanel! I always try on my friends bags if I like them. My favourite chanel polish is Emprise, which is a soft peachy pink. I also love chanel foundations.

Marilou said...

Obviously :D x

Marilou said...

Haha, I HAD TO!!! oooh I don't know that colour will have to try it :-)

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