Sunday, September 29, 2013

Fall lipsticks

Make up for ever Rouge Intense Mat 5 ⎥ Mac Russian Red
Catrice Matt-erial Girl ⎥ Maybelline 24h Super Stay Always Plum

 Now that fall has officially kicked in, Indian summer is there, thankfully, but any hopes of wearing any summery clothes soon are gone. All I want to do is to wear my favourite fall lipsticks, drink a warm drink with marshmallows on top, cuddle in bed with a hot bottle of water and do long walk to admire the landscape changing. Believe me or not but It's only been a good year or so that I have been into wearing colourful lipsticks. Prior to that, I was only wearing nude lipstick (I can't even recall how many Mac Myth I have finished!) I really felt that with my green eyes and my 'brown/gingery' hair it was to safest, prettiest look to go for. I really felt that for some reasons red or pink lipsticks was looking so awful on me and making me look much older. The first I put red lipstick on me I thought I was looking like an old crazy lady, I guess that's because I really wasn't used to it! The crazy thing is that although I wasn't wearing any red/pink lipsticks I was still buying some just in case I would need one day haha. Last year I have been trying a lot of new look and finally tried the bright lips on me and I had so much good 'reviews' about it. It really made me felt stupid to think that I couldn't pull off that look because when it comes to red/pink lipsticks, everyone can wear it and pull that look off, you just have to find the perfect tone of red/pink that suit your skin tone, eye colour, taste etc. Don't get me wrong, I still love the nude lips look but from time to time I find it so versatile and fun to wear some bright lips and I'm so happy I finally took the plunge and feel comfortable with it now. 

My first favourite fall lipstick is the MUFE Rouge Intense 'Mat 5' which is such a gorgeous plum-y pink with  mat finish. The colour is exquisite and it lasts all day long! Then we have Mac 'Russian Red' also known as the most perfect red I own. This colour is my go-to vixen red. I love the texture, the finish, the shade is perfect and not to drying... That's a hit!  Next, one of my favourite lipstick of all time (although it's pretty recent) is the Catrice 'Matt-erial Girl'. Words can't describe how much I'm in love with this colour. It's a bit more dark in real life and has the most amazing fuschia/plum shade. It was only 3,99€ too #bargain! And eventually, I couldn't write a post without mentionning a good ol' plum lipstick right? Plum lips are so trendy for fall and I sure do love to pull that look off! My favourite one is the Maybelline Super Stay 24h in 'Always Plum'. It is such an intense shade and the lasting is so incredible. I have already three lipsticks from that range and I actually intent to get them all haha.

Make up for ever Rouge Intense Mat 5 ⎥ Mac Russian Red
Catrice Matt-erial Girl ⎥ Maybelline 24h Super Stay Always Plum

Which one if your favourite ? What is your favourite fall lipstick? :-)



Fortitude said...

Ils sont superbes :) !

BlushCrush said...

I like the all on you, but the Catrice has to be my favourite x

Cindi said...

I like the Maybelline plum colored lipstick best. But my second choice is the pretty Russian Red by MAC.

Unknown said...

Russian Red is stunning! I love all of them x

. said...

I love Rouge Intense :)

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