Monday, September 16, 2013

Coconut oil

Aman Prana Coconut Oil (12,50€)

This is it, I have finally took the plunge and bought my very first jar of coconut oil. I've been wanting to try this 'miraculous' oil for such a long time, I don't know what took me so long. After hearing that it's good to moisturize your skin/hair in depth  I just knew we were meant to be reunited one day or another. It's obviously much better to get a 100% natural, unrefined coconut oil as you really want to get all the natural benefits from it. The one I got is extra virgin and wasn't too expensive, the guy at the bio store told me that I could apply it on my hair and face as well as eating a spoon of it once a day to moisturize the skin and hair from the inside (that's when he really got my attention).I know that sounds a bit gross as the texture is so gooey but I would do ANYTHING to get my moisture back! I was really surprised by the texture as it has a creamy/solid texture at first then when you apply it, it transforms into oil. The smell is...without any surprise the smell of coconut. I personally loooove it but I know that that smell might be  so disgusting to some other people. 

The effect I noticed the first morning after applying it : my hair were looking very shiny once washed (I kept the mask on all night) and very nourished. My skin was looking much youthful and a bit wrinkle less than usual! It really moisturizes well my skin and I'm obsessed with it now. I use it every night as it's too oily to use for daytime. I also eat a spoon of it every morning to get that extra moisture that I lack  all the time. I haven't seen any result of my little experimentation yet but I'll keep you posted if it works! 



Mademoiselle Lala said...

I'm very curious of the effects so keep us updated! X

Esterlyn said...

I have been using coconut oil on my hair for about a month now and I'm loving it! My hair is shinier, softer, and less frizzy. I have also used it as an eye makeup remover a hand full of times, and works pretty good. It does take a little bit longer to remove the makeup, in my opinion, but it is so much more gentler than other eye makeup remover! And it moisturizes as I clean, which is a plus!

Anonymous said...

Bonjour, où as tu acheté ce pot miraculeux :)
Je suis de Liège pour info , si tu sais où en trouve dans les parages ... Je prends ;)
Bonne soirée

Marilou said...

I will xx

Marilou said...

Ooh I never thought of using it to remove my makeup , will try it thanks xx :-)

Marilou said...

Dans tous les magasins bio (perso je l'ai acheté chez Dame Nature au City 2) sinon sur Internet (iHerb par exemple) :-)

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