Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Favourite Youtubers♥

The Persian Babe

Barbara is hands down my favourite Youtuber. She is such a stunning, friendly and down to earth girl from the UK. I love her style, her 'basic' tastes when it comes to haul and makeup and her videos are just the best. She always keeps it simple but her outfit are always on point. Her english accent is also to die for, I find her just perfect and I obsessed over her new hair color! 

La Vita Di Meg 

Megan is from New Jersey and I'm addicted to her vlog channel. (You may know her as ciaoobelllaxo too which is her beauty channel). I just love how she shares her life with 'us' it makes me feel like I live in the US when I watch her! She's always vlogging at the drugstore, while shopping or while eating at some dreamy junk food places. 

Elsa Makeup

Elsa is my favourite french youtuber from France. She's the cutest girl with the most amazing taste in makeup and clothing. No wonder why she gets so many hits, her videos are just not to be missed.

Dizzy Brunette

Corrie is THE cutest, girliest girl on the blogosphere. I have been reading her blog for a while now and I'm so happy that she's started her own Youtube channel. Her videos are so funny and she shares so many great tips. I always want to buy everything she talks about and her hair are just AMAZING. 

I Covet Thee

Alix is one my latest addiction on Youtube. She has been doing videos for a while but I only recently starting watching them and I just love her. Her beauty is so 'british' like (if that even makes sense) and her makeup is always so flawless. She's the one that got me into bright lips! 

Alex Fashion Beauty

Alexandra is my favourite Canadian youtuber. Her accent from Québec is too cute and I love her videos and her energy. She talks about products that we don't also get in Europe so I love to it even more!

Madame Tamtam

Ok so this may seem really weird but I'm so obsessed with the videos from this girl from Germany although I don't understand a word of what she's saying. I just love her, she's so pretty and her makeup looks flawless. I wish I could understand but I'm just watching clueslessly and enjoying the images just like when I was a child and couldn't read!

Who are you favourite Youtubers??? Please share, I'm always on the hunt for new addictions :)



sleepandwater said...

Alix is one of my absolute favs! She is absolutely gorgeous, videos are so beautifully edited and her taste is impeccable.

Nora said...

love Elsa <3

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