Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Instalife #23

Hi girlies! My obsession with Instagram keeps on growing, I just can't help myself. The weather has been quite amazing this week and obviously I HAD to get sick. This always happens to me, how lucky am I. My body is feeling so weak and I really need to rest to recover once and for all. I guess that with this really mild winter, the germs haven't frozen and now everybody is getting sick! Damn it, haha!

It's such a bummer to get sick when the weather gets warmer and especially since I have completely lost my appetite over the weekend, my stomach is on pause I think! I'm really excited about this warmer weather, I've done some massive makeup and clothes clear out last week. It feels so great! I also ate so many greats things as you may see below (those waffles were to die for!).

The most exciting part of my sunday being sick in bed was to discover that Ici Paris XL have sent me their new Clarisonic Aria to try out. I'm too excited to try it but I'll wait til I feel better as I just don't have the strength to do it now (even typing this text is really tiring, UGH) and my skin is looking so miserable.

I'm back to rest and I'll talk to you soon. I hope at least you get to enjoy this wonderful weather!


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Honeylushy said...

that's the worst when you get sick, just as it starts to get sunny! Your makeup stash has grown since I've last checked up on my blogs! I have been paring down to the absolute essentials these last couple years. All my money goes to clothes now lol!

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