Saturday, March 15, 2014

The midi skirt

This is a look I definitely want to rock this spring/summer. I was afraid such long skirt would make me look fat or super mall but paired with gorgeous heels and a great funky top it gives such class and edgy-ness! I love it. I can't wait to get my hands on some midi skirt very soon, I've spotted some gorgeous one on H&M and Topshop!



Tiff said...

Je suis tombé amoureuse de ce genre de jupes!! il n' y a plus qu'à en acheter ha ha!!!

Lamal said...

They are so vintage! Absolutely my style! Feminine and "stylish".
Love the grey and pink ones.


Blushing Biddies said...

I I -love- midi skirts. I'm a tall gal with some thunder thighs, and I feel like this is the solution to make me feel comfortable and stylish :3

Honeylushy said...

I love the look of these skirts with a grey sweater. It's more relaxed and bohemian looking, totally my style!

House in Tillford said...

I really like that second look- the two colours work together to create a bright, fresh look

GlamourAndMelancholy said...

Je trouve que ce genre de jupes font une allure tellement classe et élégante :)
J'adore le second look!

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