Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Blonde hair ⎟Bye bye brassiness

Hi girls! Since I've gone from brunette to blonde, it has been a real struggle. The yellow/gold undertones - also known as brassiness - always come back whenever I go back to the hair dresser to touch up my roots. Because I wash my hair everyday, I feel like my blonde is much harder to maintain as well. When I look back at some pictures from this summer, I seriously cringe at the brassiness of my hair although I have to say it wasn't THAT brassy in real life, the camera captured it a little bit different.  I have tried purple shampoo but it wasn't working that well on my hair and it's super drying. Thank god I went to a professional hair care store the other day and the saleslady was super friendly and professional. She immediately told me what I had to used, what I could do to get rid of these yellow/gold undertones.

I came home super excited to try the Revlon Nutri Colour in shade 812 'Light Pearly Beige'. You must use this product as a mask, after washing and towel drying your hair, and leave it for a good 3 minutes - I personally left if 5 minutes as the gold undertones were intense! The mask is super nourishing and left my hair feeling incredibly soft. Colour wise, I'm so blown away by the result. My blonde has turn exactly the way I wanted it to be for so long. All the horrific brassiness is gone and I'm finally in a happy place with my hair. Can you see how amazing the difference is? I still have half of the product left so I will be doing an other mask as soon as the brassiness will come back. 

Becoming a blonde back in may was so 'life changing' as I had no idea how to maintain, take care of blonde hair. Thank god for Youtubers that have help me throughout my journey to no brassy undertones blonde hair. I'm no pro, but I'm really into anything hair related since my hair change. My biggest inspiration has to be Nicky Lazou, a hairdresser from the UK, she creates the most amazing balayage out there. She has a Youtube channel, it's so good, make sure you go have a look (here)

What's your secret to keep your blonde locks perfect? 



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Unknown said...

Do you still need to get your roots done? Is it just a toner?

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