Sunday, November 9, 2014

Happy sunday

Ahhhh sundays... I just love spending my day in my sweat pants, cleaning the apartment, reorganizing my clothes and other stuffs, cooking and taking pictures for my blog. Today has been so peaceful, I have been watching House of Cards with the boyfriend all the afternoon while eating M&Ms and drinking my favorite Starbucks on the go drink. House of Cards is so addictive,  the manipulations with all of these politicians is intense! My first plan was to re-watch #RHOBH from season 1 but you know, that's the kind of tv show you want to watch on your own, haha!

It was also that time of the year to reorganize my winter clothes. I have sorted out all of the clothes I haven't been wearing this year, no more emotional attachment to my clothes, no more!

I wanted to share with you one of Ingrid's latest video about New York. This video makes me so happy and full oh hope I'll live there one day (here) Since my first trip there a few years ago, I can't stop thinking about going back forever! 


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Unknown said...

Sa vidéo m'a trop donné envie de partir pour NY ! =) J'aspire le jour où j'aurais l’occasion de m'en voler là-bas =p Bisous <3

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