Saturday, November 15, 2014

Bourjois ⎟Happy Nude Year

Hi girls! How is your satruday going? Mine so far is great although it's pouring rain outside, I went grocery shopping and did some cleaning.  I ordered pizza last night and they were delicious and as usual I can't eat the whole pizza so I had a reheated pizza feast for lunch today. How good is reheated pizza? I always prefer my pizza the day after, when it got reheated in the oven and it's super crispy, haha! Now I'm on my way to get some Christmas decorations. Aren't you excited that Christmas is coming? For some reason this year I'm super excited! 

That being said, here's my new favorite lip color. Bourjois has sent me their new collection for Christmas and they have released a new shade in the range Rouge Edition : Happy Nude Year. It's the most gorgeous pinky nude shade with the usual matte finish Rouge Edition. I find the color perfect for  the season when you want to wear a more heavy eye look.  I still have to get my hands on the color Hot Pepper from this range. I love the formula so much and the matte finish can't do you no wrong when you love your highlighter as much as I do. 

Have a nice day!

Lots of love,



Made in Audrey said...

Ce rouge à lèvres est une pure beauté !
Je suis à deux doigts de craquer.

Bisous :)

Passing Fancy said...

wow, looks gorgeous!

Mademoiselle Lala said...

I absolutely love this shade, it's so pretty!

Holly said...

That looks so pretty, I love it!

Holly / holly la beau

Unknown said...

Ce rouge à lèvres te va super bien Boo ! <3 Moi je l'adore, je m'en lasse plus ! Bisous

sleepandwater said...

What a beautiful colour! Love that it's quite subdued but has that pop of brightness to it as well :)

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