Friday, July 1, 2022

Embracing my Pisces North Node


When I learned about the North Node in astrology. was immediately hooked.

It is said to be the qualities you must embrace in this lifetime and the following the opposing South Node, the one you must release in order to evolve and learn lessons fully.

My North Node being in Pisces in the 9th house - I am meant to embrace going with the flow, long distance travel without too much planning, embrace my artsy and my sensitive side  - honestly still struggling just with that saying only as I am a true Virgo sun and Virgo South Node - I am an overthinker, over planner , worry rat to a T. I am working on it and I can see how it benefits me.

My latest plan to embrace that North Node in Pisces was my recent move to CDMX and trying to go to the end of my little art project with my notebooks and designs without too much plans and planning behind it. Trying to find stability not in controlling my routine but more in building a stable and long term goal for myself.

I left Puerto Vallarta for now as I 100% felt that I did everything I had to do there - I met the most amazing friend * she is an astrologer, squeak *  and did some volunteering too. 

Honestly the beach life is not for me long term, I can only do the chanclas so long.

I am a city girl at heart. Vamonos and see what life has in store for me here :)



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