Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Lauren Conrad Style book

I finally got my hands of the Lauren Conrad style book. I bought it in Waterstone's brussels (My favourite and only english book store in brussels ). It was 18 euros .

I'm so thrilled, I was waiting for the book to be release for such a long time.
I'm obsess (in a good way) with Lauren Conrad since The Hills a
nd I think she had made her way through her career as a writer and as a fashion designer.

The cover is very simple , but sometimes less is more!
 She looks stunningly beautiful as always.

The book is not revolutionnary as I like to hope that everyone knows that a t shirt is a key piece to your wardrobe but the book gives some good tips and have some gorgeous pictures of her.

It has a lot of inside jokes and its write with a lot of Very laurenconradesque humour .

The make up part was my favourite part. That really makes the book complete and worths buying it because I love Lauren Conrad's make up artist Amy Nadine and she gives you all her tips there .

I went "yay" when I saw the page dedicated to nailpolish described as the unexpected accesory. So true! Nailpolish is more than just make up, it's an accesory and it's so easy to spice up your outfit with a good choice of nailpolish colour

Have a great end of the week :-)




Alisha Bright said...

i love you nail polish..! and i think the book is great haven't read all of it yet..!

Toni Tralala said...

I like your ring! Very nice! ;)

Small Old Bean said...

I want this book! I want the Kardashian book too! Might have to buy it with my uni card (even though its supposed to be for academic books!)

Marie said...

I like Lincoln Park After Dark by OPI too and your ring was such a bargain.:D

My sister might buy the book, I'll just borrow it from her.:D

***** Marie *****

makeup,hauls, and anything under the sun! said...

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Apriljoy said...

OMG! Everyone has been talking about this book! It makes me want to get it!!

Julie. said...

Il faut absolument que je commande ce livre :)

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