Wednesday, February 9, 2011

NOTD : Below Deck

Hello girlies ,

I'm having kind of a nail polish life crisis.
When you own loads of varnishes, loads of differents colours, some point you kind of get easily bored with the new collections.
It always seems like I already have a dupe somewhere in my nail polish collection. Bummer.
So at the very outset , when I saw the Anchors Away  collection by China Glaze, I wasn't THAT excited, nothing that really caught my attention... *the varnish crisis*

 Then, when I saw the swatches on Vampy Varnish, I literally fell in love  with Below Deck.

*Staring at my nails... I DIE*

 It's official, I have a new favourite colour. 

I have NO dupe of this fabulous grey-taupe-purplely unique colour.
Apparently, it is a dupe for Sephora by Opi - Metro Chic and also a new version of Channelesque by 
China Glaze, and a lighter version of Models own - Purple Grey and....
Well, to be quite honest with you, I don't really care because IT'S GORGEEEOOOOUUUUS ♥____♥
and that's all that really matters hehe.

As always, China glaze didn't disappoint with the quality : Incredibly creamy and opaque .

My nail polish life crisis is over. Well, for at least a good week :) 

What do we think ladies?



Julie said...

J'ai craqué :p Je l'attends aussi bon c'est un peu à cause de toi quand on en a parlé sur twitter :p ^^

Des Bisouuus..*

Emily said...

I love this colour! Wll definitely pick up on my next polish haul! x

Dollface said...

Oooh really really like this colour, must keep an eye out for it!

Kasia W. said...

looove that color!!!

Vanessa said...

Couleur trop propre !!!

Unknown said...

omg this colour is dope, and look how good your nails look??

I'm going through a nail crisis too looool
the 'I cant be bothered to paint my nails cause they get chipped after 2 days so whats the point?' crisis looool

hmm might have to get this colour but from Barry M :) xxx

Lydia said...

I love love love this colour! I just bought a second bottle as I don't want to run out! Good choice :) xx

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