Sunday, February 13, 2011

Must have : E.l.f Kabuki face brush

I have a major crush on my E.l.f kabuki face brush.
Let me demonstrate you why : 

I've been using it for about 5 months now and to my pleasant surprise it hasn't lost any hair so far..
*cough cough* not like my mac 182 that is nearly bold* 
It is the softest brush that I have EVER used
I've washed it countless time and the softness hasn't fade away. It is still very dense and provides an excellent application.
The price. Icing on the cake. 5 euros
deep ♥

xo , Marilou


*Zoe* said...

I have this too and love it also.
Zoe x
Please take a look at my blog, Diamond Solitaire, here!

Yu said...

Ditto to *Zoe* :)

Nicola said...

Ohh this sounds good! My little body shop one is dying so I think I might order this next! xx

Hannah Biggerstaff said...

I love mine too, they are amazing!:) xx

Mara said...

I've got to try this baby out....

jennie said...

Ooh I really need to try this, it sounds amazing! Great post! :) xo

Vida said...

My friend has this and whenever I go over her place, I always love feeling how soft and dense it is! =x

Unknown said...

One of my fave elf brushes at the moment is their Complexion brush from the studio line. Its sooo soft and great for powder.

Nikosmommy said...

I LOVE my ELF kabuki's soft and light and perfect for MAC'S Mineralized skin finish or blending when my blush and bronzer looks a bit too heavy. LOVE IT!

Stevista said...

I couldn't agree more! This brush is amazing and soooo soft! :) x

Marilou said...

Hehe glad to see that everyone agrees :) xx

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