Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Must have : Jessica Quick Dry

I am so keen to share with you my latest discovery :

Jessica - Quick Dry Oil.

At first, I was very sceptical  when I saw all that liquids.
How can oil can dries your nail polish in 60 seconds?
Well, I'm not a scientist and I have no clue why, but IT DOES WORK.

Obviously, it will take a wee bit longer if you apply 4 super thick coats.

Actually, the dropper application makes it super easy to use. 
Maybe even more than your usual Seche Vite / Good to go by Essie because you can apply it right away without damaging the application with the brush.

You must apply ONE drop on each nails after using your topcoat.

I am in total awe with this product because not only it dries my varnish in a sec but prevents it from chipping! It seems like my varnish is stuck to my nails and there is no way it will go away other than with a good nail polish remover.

I swear, my nail polish haven't chipped ALL DAY, it looks brand new =  ♥ 
(don't forget to use a bonder base and a topcoat!!!!)

Have you ever tried it ? 




luckiebeauty said...

Intéressant,je vais vérifier s'ils en vendent au Québec! Ça l'air génial ce produit.

Unknown said...

Haha I've actually used this before, I thought you meant a topcoat. Its great as it really does dry your nil polish within a minute.

Nellia said...

Where did you bought it ?

Marilou said...

@LuckieBeauty J'espère qu'ils le vendent, mais au pire tu peux surement le trouver sur Ebay :)

@Henessy Hehe :)

@Nellia Une amie me l'a ramené du Liban, mais tu peux trouver cette marque un peu partout, et surtout sur Ebay


Nellia said...

Merci, je vais checker ça :)

Anonymous said...

Tópico interessante nesta página, opiniôes assim realção a quem visitar neste blogue !!!
Escreve mais do teu sítio, a todos os teus seguidores.

Flaunt It said...

Totally love that your blog is dedicated to nail polish..love that stuff!
Great post...that quick dry stuff would really come in handy!
Keep up the fab blogging!
Come and check out my blog...I have a post up right now I know you'll love so comment and follow!

Vanessa said...

How much ?!?

Marilou said...

Quoi how much LOL t'as cru que c'était la police d'adidjan cybewcwiminalité toi madame! ah ah ca coute ds les environs de 13 £

Nora said...

I've never used this but I'm happy with the Sache Vite top coat, it dries out the polish in no time.

P.S : I tagged you for an award on my blog so check it out :)

Tazz Gault said...

Oo this looks pretty cool :) Haven't seen something like this before!



Marilou said...

Thanks Nora :) xx

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