Saturday, August 17, 2013

Favourite nude nail polishes ♥

China Glaze Something Sweet ⎪Bourjois ⎪ Essie  Fiji ⎪ Chanel Magnolia Rose ⎪ OPI Panda-monium pink

There is nothing like a neutral nail polish when you have no idea what to wear or you outfit is already very colourful. Nudes are my go-to choice especially for a day at work I feel like a chip is less obvious than with a darker/brighter colour so I don't have to be self-conscious all day about my nail polish (gripping life eh). I used to think nude nail polishes were so boring and very 'grown up' but now they're very much up my alley (maybe because I grew up too?). That remind me I'l be freaking 25 in about a MONTH. Sweet lord. I have a deep anxiety about it, don't really know why but I still feel 20 at heart. I don't know where time went. I'm secretly plotting on all the gifts I want for this very special birthday. I want it to be low key but I want to receive some extravagant gifts. 

Let's go back to the nude nail polishes (it's so easy to get scattered when I talk about gifts ya know). My 'top give' is the perfect mix between lavender-nude, pink-nude, white-nude, softer-pink nude. That's what's really great about wearing nude is that it doesn't have to be that sheer boring color you use for french manicure. NO. Go opaque (or go home right?) when it comes to nude is the only way for me although I still get some 'tipex' remarks about white-nude nails from time to time. It's trendy, ok get over it :-)

What are you favourite nude nail polishes?



ModeBeautyHappyy said...

Le Figi me tente trop :)

. said...

I have such bad luck with nudes but i will try a few more :)

Ilgalaikis Lakavimas said...

Nude nail polishes - my favorite way to make perfect nails :)

sihame said...

je me laisserai bien tenter par le Essie :)

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