Thursday, August 15, 2013

#Vlog 1 : Mini virée à Liège

The day in Liège was really fun. It was great to catch up with my 'old' friend Sarah. We finished high school together about 5 years ago, can't believe we now both graduated in PR. She's in the main reason why I became so obsessed with make-up and girly things. That girl is the girliest person I've ever met and that's why we get along great. We had a great night thanks to Magnum. We were invited for diner, it was very good then we got the opportunity to taste the new Magnum Kisses ice creams. I chose the flavour 'meringue with red fruits', it was really delicious. My friend went with 'Crème brulée' and she liked it too! The new limited edition Magnum Kisses are limited edition and are inspired by the french patisserie. Make sure you taste them if you can! After diner, we got the see Moulin Rouge and it's one of my favourite movie, I know every song by heart so I was pleased to watch it all over again. Overall we had a great day, a bit of shopping, great food and a lot of laughs. I also recorded my very first vlog. I absolutely hate listen to my voice it makes me cringe it was fun to record it although people were looking at me funny talking to my camera :-) 




Emeline said...

J'ai beaucoup aimé ton vlog ! J'ai trouvé ça vraiment fun et vous êtes toutes les 2 trop mignonnes ! Gros coup de coeur pour vos tenues :)

Sinon, Moulin Rouge, c'est juste le meilleur film de tous les temps (enfin pour moi) et j'ai déjà goûté il y a quelques temps les magnums fruits rouges/ meringue et c'est une tuerie :D !!

Marilou said...

Merci Emeline :-) Haha ouiii j'adore Moulin Rouge aussi :D

sweet harvest moon said...

Perso, je vais toujours en Septembre au Primark pour la nouvelle collection!

J'ai aime le vlog :)

Marilou said...

Ahhh ça doit être le mois des nouveautés parce que pour le coup c'était pourri!!!! J'y retournerais hé hé!!!
Merci :)

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