Thursday, August 8, 2013

Instalife #13

It's instalife time! I think I have become a huge Instagram addict over the past few months. I hasn't even been a year since I started Instagramin' and oh boy...I can't see my daily life without it now. A few days ago my phone battery died in the middle of the day (I so wasn't prepared!) and I just could feel the hurry I had to go home just to recharged it and have it with me everywhere I go. (The sad life I lead, right). I don't have any exciting thing to share with you, no I didn't get engaged though. This massive diamond ring is from Mauboussin corner at Inno Rue Neuve in Belgium. I'm working just next to it so I couldn't resist and ask to try one. Sparkly!!! I'm also prepping myself for my next fall purchases. I already have so many ideas and clothes I want to get. I'm not over summer yet but I always get super excited about wearing fall clothes. (I know I will regret saying this in 6 months)

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I hope you're all having a lovely week :)


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