Friday, November 26, 2021

Life update


Well hello hello. One year later and my whole world has changed.
From moving back home with Covid, to heading back to London and then moved to Mexico and then Texas. A true whirlwind. Went very blonde, had a beach Christmas, met amazing people from all over the world escaping the C*v*d craziness, started my little online art business and adopted a baby chihuahua, Lulu. Not really surprised, as looking back I went through my projection year 9 in astrology. 
House of wisdom, long distance travels, spirituality... 

I just settled a little now and plan on doing so many things in 2022 minus the travel, kinda over it by now.

Hopefully I will do more videos too as I am passionate about sharing my spiritual knowledge. I will share my art too. exciting things ahead...



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