Saturday, December 11, 2021

Fortune favors the brave & the bold


Without knowing it that always has been my life motto. I tend to be more on the impulsive side for some things - hello Mars in Aries - and blocking my brain to take over with some reasonable thoughts and second thoughts has always been favorable for me. It made me move all over the world, rather quickly each times and fortune always seem to have follow me in my choices. I was born in Belgium and always dreamt of living abroad and learn English. Fear, reason and other people's projections always made me wait - wait for more money, for a better timing,  for.... the list can go on. There is never a perfect timing. 
So at age 28, I left my little comfort and moved to London without a plan. It was probably the scariest thing I've done but looking back I am so proud of my decision and of the bravery it took me.
After that, I got the moving bug and ended up living in Paris, Barcelona and then Mexico and Texas.
Quite the ride... 

I am a big believer that sometimes over planning and over thinking a big decision just get you stuck because fear takes over. La Roue de La Fortune always has been one of my favorite Tarot card because it represents changes - which is, although scary sometimes, a vital part of life. Change makes you grow in a way you would never thought possible. 

It also has the 4 cardinal signs represented in it - and I have cardinal signs the most in my chart. My Capricorn moon, although a bit on the morose side sometimes, has always been on of my favorite placement because it is supported by my Cancer rising and Mars in Aries - with a dash of Mercury Libra.
Once I set my mind on a project - I go all in. Doesn't mean I can last the distance but I sure go in it with my heart and soul.

That's always the advice I give to my friends : just go for it and you will figure it out along the way. Fortune really does favor the brave.


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