Friday, February 15, 2019

Dating horoscope : get over it

Happy friday!'s a gorgeous one in London, 14 degrees today. In February! Can you believe? I am heading to Central London tonight for a girl's night. Au menu will be plenty of holidays planning, boys talk - of course - and little fashion chit chat. Tonight's topic will be boys related :it's not that deep.... get over it. That's the horoscope for today and every single day of the year ladies. If he is not your husband, just keep it moving. I work in an office that is female only - so you can imagine how the boy talk is going - and I always hear the same stories about girls going back to their exes, entertaining players, etc etc. So how you cope with a man playing hot and cold? ghosting? disappearing? putting less effort? acting up? 

You just stop entertaining, you move on and get over it. That simple. 

1. Know.your.WORTH. When it's time to walk away, do it and make sure you look your BEST while doing so. 
2. Don't get emotionally involved unless it is serious. Us women have a tendency to get emotionally attached quickly. Men on the other side... don't and you shouldn't either before he is obsessed with you first. 
3. Never look back, we only move forward in 2019! Never be afraid to lose a man, they are replacable.

Reminder : Life is too short, men are replacable - if he ghosted : don't torture yourself trying to understand why.  You have your answer. He either got what he wanted and doesn't want it anymore or realised he can't get what he wants from you. Either way, he is just not into you. So, look your best and go get another one...or two that will appreciate and spoil you ;) 



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