Friday, March 27, 2020

Quaranctivities : Victoria Sponge

Day 12 of confinement : thinking I'm a Chef Patissier and trying all kind of new recipes.
check!!!! In all honestly guys, I'm sort of enjoying this quarantine. I just hope it won't last months but it's so nice to have a full reset. I feel zero stress, zero pressure...just enjoying my day to to day activities. Or quaranctivities!

MyVictoria Sponge turned out quite well although the Biscuits de Savoie are not the original biscuits you should use but I didn't want to use butter so these were the perfection alternative.
I would suggest not adding too much sugar to the whipped cream as the strawberry is already super super sweetening.

Ok, I'm off enjoying the sun in my mom's garden.



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