Sunday, March 29, 2020

Keeping my spirit highs

I'm really trying to keep my spirit highs during this quarantine time.
Although being an introvert help, I do miss going out with my friends and eating out in restaurants.
I have some up days and some low days. Today was a low one. Just sat in bed all day doing nothing and eating white chocolate. So unproductive and a recipe for anxiety to take over. UGH....

On the positive, I am so grateful to be home in Brussels with my mom and not stuck in Paris with some random stranger in a flat share. I honestly wake up so thankful every morning just for that alone.

Things I do that help me keep my good spirit:

- Listen to country music and have a little dance off with myself and a glass of rosé
- More rosé... lol 
- Picking up fresh flowers
- Baking cakes 
- Thinking of cool low-carbs recipes (my fave courgette bolognese for instance)
- Online shopping and buying new bikinis
- Day dreaming of destinations to go next once I get my freedom back
- Listening to the audio book of A Return To Love from Marianne Williamson. such an eye opening and incredible book based off the famous A Course in Miracle.
- Watching old seasons of Love after Lockup, The Real Housewives and Flavor of Love.
- Pinning my life away on Pinterest. I can't believe I just started using it!!!
- Going for walk in the country side near my house with my mom and reminiscing my childhood.


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