Thursday, May 26, 2022

Chic in the tropics ?


First world problems lol... how do you maintain chic outfits with tropics weather, is has been a struggle.

The humidity makes your hair look crazy in a sec - forget the Dyson I have started crippling my hair so it looks more or less done - and wearing any kind of heels or black just makes me feel out of place. I am usually a city girl - lived in London for a long time and always was used to dress up for day time. I now live in a more casual city and literally feel like a need a new clothing identity. 

Time for a wardrobe upgrade I guess. Shopping here is pretty limited - I live in Puerto Vallarta, pacific coast of Mexico - and I have to do most of my shopping online. I did find some cute boutique - one close to me and the other one in Punta Mita. 

I got these cute dresses recently - and HAD to invest in some more dressy flats.



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