Monday, May 9, 2022

Living in the now

Hola hola, I am back on the blog scene. lol Jupiter is also about to enter my 10th house with a bang (opposition with my sun) - coincidence ? I think not. I have so many projects that have been marinating for so long and now I am finding the inner fire to take a step forward and go after my wildest dreams. cheers to that!

I sometimes forget how much I love to share and write about my life or anything else really.
I used to talk about nailpolishes for hours back in the day but I have now broaden my hobbies and interest and can go from Astrology, to dating and hypergamy, to soul searching and scamming men to get where you want to be in life. It's all about balance darling.

I am currently back in Jalisco, a beautiful state in Mexico and experienced the beginning of the humid season. It is no jokes. my hair is going crazy. I have to curl it with my 3 barrels curler to make sure the frizz doesn't get out of hands. I am sort of digging that look as well so it's win. Also, not to mention that I am undergoing a breakup and will be rebranding soon and change my entire appearance - level up upcoming LOL

I am happy to announce that I am entering my soft girl era, meaning that if it doesn't bring me peace, love, happiness - friends, men or job - I don't want it. I will NOT  deal with anything that brings me stress or negativity into my life. I am here for cute brunches, supportive friends, caring and loving men, creative endeavors and money flowing to me. 

Don't forget that this summer is the summer of social butterfly ladies, go out.
Have fun, talk to everyone, master your flirting techniques. Be friendly, be open, say yes. Network.
Forget the apps baby, go outside. get pretty and go mingle. Life is now. Be here now. Nothing else to think about than this very moment because nothing else exists. Now is true happiness and bliss.


I will be doing a get ready with me live this week to chit chat more.

xoxo, Marilou


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