Monday, May 26, 2014

Instalife #26

Hi girls! Since I've been back from Madrid I have been enjoying being cosy at home and getting some needed rest. Going on a city trip is everything BUT relaxing, trust me! You just walk around all day long, sightseeing and shopping. It was so much fun but I'm seriously exhausted from that trip. 

I also have been on a bit of a shopping spree obsession lately, I'm refreshing my whole wardrobe, getting some good basics like a black blazer, white t-shirts and jeans but also I'm getting a lot of work outfit attire. Zara and Asos have been my must go online store, I can't wait to show you what I got in the next outfits of the day! 

Here's a little one with my new Zara ripped pair of jeans. These a super comfy and super skinny just how I like them. I also got this new linen t-shirt from Zara but I didn't realize it was so wrinkly until I saw the pic! These are such must haves for every seasons, they're my favorites and I got the grey, black and white one! You can find them here but hurry up they go sold out super fast!

Have a lovely monday!



Tiff said...

Supers ces insta!! J'en profite pour te dire que le blond te va à merveille!!!



Holly said...

Love your makeup storage!

holly la beau

Anonymous said...

Can wait to see some working girl outfits !

I find it so hard to assemble cute /stylish working outfits…

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