Friday, May 9, 2014

Purple shampoo & blonde hair routine

New hair colour means one thing :  new hair routine! With my new blonde locks I have been on the hunt for the perfect products to maintain the colour and keep away the brassiness that you can get with blonde highlights. When I first got my hair blonde, thanks to my ginger backgrounds, I had some pretty red undertones which I really disliked so after reading 100 reviews online, I went for a puprle shampoo to get rid of those undertones and bleach my hair to a more beach blonde shade. 

I have been told about purple shampoo by the hairdresser that did my hair and I'm amazed with the results so far. Can you believe this is only after 3 shampoos? My hair look so different already! It's so impressive. To use purple shampoo you must be aware that it will get your hair two or three tones lighter! It doesn't tint your hair purple, it just just takes away the brassiness. The purple shampoo I have been using is the L'Oréal Expert Shine Blonde. It is pretty drying so you need to alternate with an other moisturizing shampoo - I have been using the amazing Organix Argain Oil of Morocco so far. 

Obviously after getting your hair dyed, you MUST kick in with the hair mask to make up it doesn't get too damaged. So far my hair have been surviving pretty good, I do use a mask every day. My favourites have been the Dove Nutri Solutions as it's super weightless while deep conditioning my hair and also the Myriam K Anti-âge mask - the best deep conditioning bubble gum scented mask out there! 
To complete the moisturizing process, I spray my hair in the morning and before going to bed with the Dove Nutritive Solutions Nourishing oil care. It is the most weightless hair oil I have EVER used. I don't get that greasy feeling at all and my hair feel super soft and moisturized. The scent is also to die for! 

Have you ever tried purple shampoo before?
Let me your recommendations down below for blonde hair if you have any!




Anonymous said...

Ouah le changement avec le shampooing violet ! Tu le fais tous les combien ?

Kmille girly said...

I really love your hair like this ! I deceided to book an appointment to my Hair dresser I will see next week how I look with Highlights :) I also use a Purple shampoo from Saint Algue but i can see any difference :s
Howerver I am an huge fan of Dove hair care products

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