Monday, May 12, 2014

Wish list ⎥ Put your party hat on!

Hi girls! I have a little party outfit wish list for you today. Summer is just around the corner and so are summer parties! I know that in the UK girls go clubbing in those summer outfits all year round but personally I just can't go out in the freezing winter with a tiny dress. That's why I love summer, you can look good without the shaking legs from freezing! I'm pretty much hibernating all winter long from clubbing and partying then as soon as the weather gets better I'm all over buying dresses to party!

 There's nothing like a good night out with your girlfriends, although I used to be a big party club girl I have now settled a little bit but I still love going out and dress up. I just love how over the top you can dress, bring on the lashes the heels and the sexy dress! For a perfect night out I would wear this gorgeous co-ord from H&M. How edgy is that trend by the way? I just love it, it's super sophisticated. I love the length of the skirt it balances well with the crop top tummy showing! With that co-ord ensemble I would wear some super edgy shoes like those Asos transparent heels. As a clutch, I would dare the blinged one from Zara although it could be a little too matchy-matchy for daytime, for night time it's just so cool in my opinion! 

Makeup wise, I would definitely get my voluminous false lashes on - my favourite ones are the Katy Perry for Eylure in Oh Honey!  - and also a little bit of glow is super important to look good in the pictures the morning after hence the Topshop glow stick. As a lipstick, I would go crazy bright with those topshop lip cream & cream bullet. Nothing screams more party time than bright pink lips in my opinion. It's sexy and feminine, definitely up my alley!

I can wait for summer to arrive to get my party hat on!


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my love list said...

I've been following your blog for a while now and I adore it! Super cute and girly. Let me say that I loved the outfit you put together, there's not a thing I wouldn't wear. You have a new follower (: *

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