Sunday, May 25, 2014

Travel essentials

When going on a short trip, I'm always trying not to bring too much make-up with me. I do carry quite a lot compared to others probably but there are a few products that I'll ALWAYS carry on my travel make-up like mascara and a least a BB cream - Garnier or Bourjois are my favorite -, a good cream blusher - recently I have been obsessed with my Mac Ladyblush one - an highlighter - here the NYX Liquid Illuminator that I mix with my BB cream or foundation - one nude and one 'bright' lipsticks minimum - that sounds so little but I keep some space so I can buy more lipsticks when on the city I'm visiting!

I forgot to add the mascara on this picture but I'll bring my Une Volume By Night - aka the best mascara out there, ever. I also always take a lip balm with me because I tend to get super dry lips when going on airplanes from some weird reasons.

An other non glamorous yet essential product I always take with me is the La Roche Posay Lipikar Podologic cream for my feet. You know when you're on a city trip you'll be walking and walking all day, all night so it can damaged your feet pretty much and there is nothing I hate more than ugly, damaged looking feet - yuck. This cream is heaven sent, it does such a good job a repairing your feet so quickly and leaving them super smooth.

The last travel must have is a good pair of sunglasses. When I say good I mean 'looking good' not 'expensive'. You can find some great stylush sunglasses for really affordable prices. I do have a pair of Ray Ban but I like to buy a lot of sunnies so I'm not splurging on Chanel's one...yet.  These one are from Six and I love the zebra print on it, it looks so wild!


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my love list said...

I also use the Bourjois CC Cream and I love it! The lip products got me curious. x

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