Monday, May 12, 2014

Spring nail polishes

Essie Romper Room / Essie Splash of Grenadine / Bourjois Peace & Mauve / Kiko / Essie Peach Daïquiri 

All I seem to like on my nails is pink at the moment - with the exception of that gorgeous Essie coral shade - it just looks super chic, fresh and girly! The time has gone when I used to be a green/blue/yellow nail polish lover. I have actually got rid of all the 'teen' colours I used to wear and kept a good 30 shades from neutrals, to coral, some neons, a lot of pinks and of course some dark colors. The thing I love about pink nail polish is that they're soooo many differents shades of it out there   - baby pink, lila pink, hot pink, coral pink, purple pink - so it never feels boring!




Nora said...

Peach daiquiri a l'air d'etre le vernis que je recherche; il est trop beau. bisous ma jolie.

Emma said...

I love Peach Daiquiri it's one of my favourites!


Tiff said...

C'est typiquement les couleurs que j'adore!!!



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